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8-Week Writing Courses

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SAT Essay Writing Course
“I gained a lot from Time4Writing. With the help of my incredible teacher, I have brought my writing to an entirely new level.”
{} SAT Essay Writing Course
“The SAT Essay Writing course gave my son confidence he didn't have the first time he took the exam. What a difference!”
{} Elementary School Student
“My daughter is happily writing for the first time! She really enjoys the feedback and finally believes that she is a good writer!”
{} Middle School Student
“My son's favorite part of the class was the feedback. He LOVED having someone besides Mom give him input on his work.”
{} High School Student
“I gained a lot from Time4Writing. With the help of my incredible teacher, I have brought my writing to an entirely new level.”

Award-Winning Writing Program

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Time4Writing offers a quality product that is both award-winning and environmentally friendly. All of our 8-week online writing courses are taught by certified teachers who provide individualized assignments and personalized feedback to students from grades 2 through 12 in a virtually paperless way.

Parents whose children have benefited from the program have noticed a dramatic improvement in both writing skills and confidence. Many of these children are returning students who continue to grow and develop their writing through Time4Writing’s online courses. You can read their feedback on our customer testimonials page.

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About Our Awards

National Parenting Center Award The National Parenting Center’s 2012 Seal of Approval

Time4Writing was awarded the National Parenting Center’s 2012 Seal of Approval. Considered one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, the Seal of Approval division is run by independent testers that include parents, educators, and panelists of the National Parenting Center.

Green Certification Green Business Certification from the IGBC

Time4Writing was named a certified “Green Business” by the Uniform Standard for Green Business Certification (IGBC/USGBC) for our environmentally friendly business practices and product delivery. By using the web to deliver our online courses, Time4Writing is helping environmentally conscious families reduce or eliminate the need for paper teaching materials.

BBB Accredited Business

Time4Writing has earned a BBB Rating of “A” for our ethical business practices and high standard of service. BBB Accreditation is an honor, and not every company is eligible. We’ve made a commitment to meet the BBB’s high standards, uphold their policies, and follow their best- practices guidelines, which focus on treating the public fairly and honestly in all circumstances. BBB is the leading source of objective, unbiased information about trust in the marketplace. Their purpose is to ensure that high business standards are both set and maintained. Time4Writing is committed to continually meeting those high standards.