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Middle School Writing Advanced Essays

Course Overview

Writing Today – The Advanced Essay helps students find their voice and produce essays that match style and media.  Today, students can get confused since they write one way for standardized tests, a different way for school essays, and yet another way when they are chatting with their friends.

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Course Objectives

Unit 1 – Story and Logic in a Narrative Essay

Students write a narrative essay using setting and chronological time order

Unit 2 – Story and Logic in an Expository Essay

Students write an expository essay using logical, relevant facts

Unit 3 – Sentence Variety and Strong Vocabulary

Students use different sentence structures and colorful words to write either a narrative or an expository essay

Unit 4 – Basics

Students use the basic fundamentals such as spelling, punctuation, capitalization and subject-verb agreement and then write an essay about their favorite hobby

Unit 5 – Writing to Persuade

Students use their writing voice to create a persuasive essay on a chosen topic for a specific audience

Unit 6 – Writing to Inform

Students use the 5 Ws and the H (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) to write a news article

Unit 7 – Writing for the Internet

Students use the elements specific to internet writing to create their own homepage

Unit 8 – Script Writing

Students write a two-scene script using dialogue and stage directions

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