Middle & Secondary School Writing Paragraphs

MS1 Middle & Secondary School: Middle School Paragraphs Course Overview

Students work on developing clear and precisely written paragraphs on a variety of topics. They create topic sentences, details, and closing sentences. They write expository, narrative, and descriptive paragraphs.

I appreciate your patience in helping Chris develop his writing this summer, and I know his teacher will, as well. This course is exactly what was needed to keep up his momentum. -Chrissy L.
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This program has really helped my writing a lot. I have learned so much from Ms. Leslie, and I have become one of the best writers in my class! -Middle School Advanced Essay Student

Paragraph Writing Course Objectives by Unit:

Unit 1 – The Topic Sentence

Students review the elements of a complete sentence and then identify the topic sentence of a paragraph and create their own topic sentences.

Unit 2 – Supporting Details

Students identify supporting details and write their own supporting details.

Unit 3 – Closing Sentence

Students choose the best closing sentence for a paragraph and then create their own. They also write a complete paragraph.

Unit 4 – Writing in Chronological Order

Students write paragraphs listing events and steps in chronological order.

Unit 5 – Narrative Paragraphs

Students write narrative paragraphs using both creativity and life experiences.

Unit 6 – Descriptive Paragraphs

Students write descriptive paragraphs using real and imagined scenes and objects.

Unit 7 – Compare/Contrast Paragraphs

Students use comparison and contrasting as a method to write paragraphs.

Unit 8 – Proofreading and Editing

Students proofread and self-edit their own expository and narrative paragraphs.

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