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Grammar Writing

Boys and girls, ladies and gentleman, you cannot avoid learning the rules of grammar if you are going to write. Our writing will be read, one way or another. Whether you read it yourself, give it to a teacher, share it with friends, or have it published, it will be read. People simply can’t understand writing that isn’t grammatically correct. Think about the following sentences.

  • I go to the store tomorrow and doesn’t know its there.
  • I will go to the store tomorrow. She doesn’t know it’s there yet, so I’m sure I will get it first!

The first sentence has incorrect tenses, leaves out pronouns, and really should be two separate sentences. On the other hand, the second sentence uses proper grammar and is therefore easy to read and understandable.

You need to make sure that you have certain things in your sentences. Sentences must have a subject and a predicate. This is essentially the noun and the verb. It’s who or what the sentence is about and what they are doing. Sometimes writers leave one of these out just to give their writing some voice, but it shouldn’t be overdone. You also need to make sure your subject and verb agree. For example, we don’t say, "He go to the store." We say, "He goes to the store."

After your work is written, it’s important to edit for grammatical errors. A good editing checklist is a helpful tool and a writing partner, teacher, or parent can be a fresh pair of eyes to check over your work.

Time4Writing provides practice in this area. Try a sample resource from our Elementary Grammar course or browse other related courses.

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