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Run-on Sentences

A common problem in writing, especially for children, is run-on sentences. These are sentences that are often much too long and should be separated into two or more smaller sentences. However, even a short sentence can be a run-on. Independent clauses are groups of words that can stand on their own. When a sentence has more than one independent clause, the sentence needs to be put into separate sentences or it needs to be joined properly. Here are some examples.

  • I went to the store with my mom and I picked out the kind of ice cream that I like best because it is so delicious any time I want ice cream I always want chocolate crunch ice cream because I love making sundaes and I put whipped cream on top and I eat it.

This sentence is much too long for the reader to follow and it can be separated into multiple sentences.

  • Go to the store, get some ice cream.

This is called a comma-splice. It is two independent clauses that are only separated by a comma. It can be rewritten like this, "Go to the store and get some ice cream," like this, "Go to the store; get some ice cream" or like this, "Go to the store. Get some ice cream."

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