Easy Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Right about now, most homeschooling families have kicked off their new homeschool year. That means that they probably all have at least one thing in common: feeling overwhelmed! If you’re among the stressed moms and dads who are looking at your cluttered lesson plans, calendar, and house wondering where you can regain some freedom and balance, Time4Writing would like to help.

Let’s face it. Writing instruction takes time and effort — quite a bit, in fact. If you are in short supply of those at the moment, here are three reasons Time4Writing is a homeschool parent’s best friend:

  • Lessons and Grading Handled By Us  
  • Objective Feedback by our Certified Teachers
  • Support When You Need It Most

No More Lesson Plans!

“I feel that T4W courses have set both of us free, so to speak–I’m relieved  of the ‘burden’ of being the writing teacher, and she has truly applied herself and learned so much in all of the courses.” ~parent of a High School paragraphs student

Most homeschool writing programs on the market are well-meaning. They usually provide you with manuals, guides, and schedules for teaching your child to write. But, when it comes down to it, there is still a lot of planning and preparation to be done by the parent. Time4Writing is different. Our online lessons are completely ready to go. Your student logs into their student dashboard, clicks to begin their lesson, and off they go. At the end of their eight-week course, you have both a student with stronger writing skills and a parent who wonders what they did before Time4Writing!

No More Hurt Feelings!

“As a homeschooling mom I am so relieved to find a course that allows my child access to objective feedback from a writing instructor.” ~parent of an Elementary Paragraph Writing student

We’ve all been there. Our son or daughter melts down in front of us because we pointed out a mistake in the paper they’d poured their heart into. Writing is intensely personal. Students need feedback on their grammar, paragraphs, and essays; but when a parent notes errors in a paper, it’s common for kids and teens to end up with hurt feelings. Time4Writing’s certified writing teachers take those kinds of power struggles out of the equation by handling all of the grading and feedback on each assignment.

No More Going-It-Alone!

“This is huge, but whenever I have called [with a question about my account] I have gotten a human on the phone and addressed my issue right then. This is worth it’s weight in gold.” ~parent of a Middle School Essay Writing student

With Time4Writing, someone always has your back. Our certified teachers see themselves as partners with parents in providing the best writing education possible to your student. If you have a question for your child’s teacher, they are only a computer click away. Plus, even though you likely won’t need it, we make sure to provide the most responsive customer service possible if an account-related or technical issue crops up. When you sign up for a Time4Writing course, you are getting a complete support team!

Time4Writing is ready to make your homeschool year less stressful.

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