Descriptive Paragraphs

How to Write Descriptive Paragraphs

When you write a descriptive paragraph, you are describing something. When you do this, you must use wording that will allow your readers to be able to see what you are writing about without being able to actually “see” it.

The types of words to use are strong verbs and colorful adjectives. Verbs are action words such as run, leap, shout, and fly. Adjectives are words that describe nouns. Examples of colorful adjectives are: smelly, disgusting, gorgeous, radiant, brilliant, and gigantic.

For more info on writing descriptive paragraphs, view this video:

Here are some sentences using strong verbs and colorful adjectives. The verbs are in italics and the adjectives are bold.

The petite young girl merrily skipped around the blossoming, fragrant bushes.

A strong, putrid odor flowed through the musty air outside the garbage dumpster.

Notice that both of these sentences allow the reader to see (and even smell) what is going on.

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