Helpful Hints for Writing A Thesis Statement

Remember the formula for a good thesis statement:

Subject + Claim + Three points of support (examples)

Let’s say I am writing about going back to college.
Here’s what that thesis statement might look like:

Going back to college was a complex process that involved researching a school, applying for admission and enrolling in classes.

This thesis statement clearly expresses what the essay is about (going back to college.) It gives us a topic than can be discussed (why the process was complicated), and it establishes the organizational structure of the essay (three specific reasons for the complicated process: researching, applying, and enrolling.)

The supporting paragraphs will contain the details and support for each of the reasons. In other words, supporting paragraph #1 will be about researching a school, supporting paragraph #2 will be about applying for admission, and supporting paragraph #3 will be about enrolling in classes. See how that works?

To help you get started, jot down a preliminary thesis statement that names your topic, asserts your ideas about this topic, and suggests the arrangement of your paper’s argument. Remember to use the formula!

Free Resources on Thesis Statements

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