Homeschool Lapbook Writing

homeschool-lapbookingLapbooking is one of the most popular trends in the homeschool community.  Many families include lapbooks in their learning to help their children master material and build solid writing skills through easy, creative and fun mini-books.  After your children have created a collection of mini-books, they pull them together in a perfect lap sized folded file folder.

One of the greatest aspects of lapbooking is that the child can bring out their completed project anytime to present to family and friends. Each time they share their material they master it over and over again.  Lapbooks help children master and retain what they’ve learned while having FUN!   The completed lapbook makes a wonderful homeschool portfolio to bring along for your year end testing or annual evaluation.

If you’re a homeschooler using lapbooking and want to include more writing in your projects, Time4Writing is a great addition to your homeschooling routine. Time4Writing has created a free printable lapbook pocket where you can store your student’s writing assignments. Time4Writing complements lapbooking because completed work is easily printable, for inclusion in your lapbook.

Homeschool-LapbookTime4Writing provides online writing courses that help students in elementary, middle and high school master writing fundamentals. For eight weeks, students interact with a certified teacher, who assigns objectives and a weekly topic for study through online writing lessons. Students sign in and work through the automated exercises, lessons, readings, and written assignments. A personal writing teacher reviews and provides feedback on each assignment the day after it is submitted.

Time4Writing printed homework can then become the writing portion of your child’s creation at any grade level. Visit our  list of courses to select the one that is right for your favorite lapbooker today.

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