Proper Grammar

Grammar. Proper Grammar. Do these words make you cringe just at the thought of them? Yes, there are A LOT of rules to the English language. When we talk about the structure of our language or how words are used to properly form a sentence, we are talking about the rules of grammar. You might not even realize it, but you started learning about proper grammar before you were even in school. Think about how you learned to talk. You listened, and you listened, and you listened to everyone around you for the first years of your life. When you finally started to talk, you didn’t need a grammar lesson and you didn’t need a grammar book; you simply knew the rules because you had heard proper grammar being spoken.

If you pay attention, you’ll hear young children following the rules of grammar because they don’t know all the exceptions yet. Yes, that’s right, there come times when you can forget all the rules you learned because there are irregular words too. You might here a toddler say that he “swimmed in the pool” or that she “runned fast.” These technically follow the rules, but as adults we know that they aren’t the proper forms to use.

So, what is the best way to learn proper grammar? Listen and learn. Listen to how people speak; however, remember that not everyone speaks with proper grammar. Learn the rules. There will be times when you get stuck and need to rely on the rules to help you move along. And when you are stuck? Don’t worry. Look up the rule you need or ask for a teacher or parent for help.

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