Sentence Fluency and Variety in Essays

Sentence Fluency and Variety

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No one wants their sentences to look and/or sound the same with identical word patterns. That is just boring! It can bring back memories of the first books children read in their early school years.

The boy is playing.

The girl is dancing.

The dog is barking.

While the repetition is a terrific tool for teaching youngsters to read and write, it can be pretty dull for older, more sophisticated readers and writers.

Here are some examples of using the same sentence patterns:

I went to the mall yesterday. I went to lunch with my friends afterwards. I went home and studied for my math test. I ate dinner with my family. I studied some more after dinner.

How many times did the word “I” begin a sentence in the paragraph? How many times did the verb (action) immediately follow the word “I”?

So, let’s try to re-write the paragraph using some variety in sentence structure.

Yesterday, I went to the mall. My friends joined me for lunch afterwards. Then, I headed home to study for my math test. My family and I ate dinner. When dinner was done, I studied some more.

Note how much more interesting the paragraph is when each sentence is varied in length, word choice, and word order.  When writing essays, in particular, using a variety of sentence types keeps the reader engaged in what you have to say.  It also allows you to emphasize specific information that you want to highlight.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to use all four sentence types to create variety in your writing.

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