Sentence Writing Worksheets

A big part of teaching writing is teaching about sentences and sentence structure. There are basic things that students need to learn, and then there are more complex rules and ways of writing. It all starts with understanding that a sentence starts with a capital letter, ends with punctuation, and is a complete thought. Students also need to understand the parts of a sentence: subject and predicate or noun and verb. A third thing they need to practice is writing different kinds of sentences: simple, compound, and complex. Then there are things like subject-verb agreement, tenses, quotation marks, and other grammar and mechanics rules to learn.

It is important that students have a chance to learn these things in context. This means that they need to see it in the text that they read and they need to use it in everyday writing. However, one way that they can practice these skills is with sentence writing worksheets and examples. Depending on what students need to practice, you can find worksheets in your teaching materials, in books for teachers, and online. You can also ask your colleagues for worksheets they like to use. If you’d like something specific, you can also make your own. Using Word is pretty easy these days and you can put together a worksheet focused on the skills your students need to practice.

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