Teaching Writing in Schools

Girl WritingMany teachers and schools have expressed interest in Time4Writing. If you are interested, we’d like to hear from you. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions from educators about Time4Writing.com.

What is Time4Writing?

Time4Writing is an online set of tutorial courses, normally packaged in eight week sections, where the student works with the same teacher for the length of the course. There are courses at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels for elementary, middle, and high school students. Students can log in from any computer to Time4Writing’s secure website to follow online lessons, work on interactive exercises and write using the online writing program. All communication is done online and is asynchronous.

Why would a school want to use Time4Writing?

The most common reason is for differentiated instruction to build writing skills. Many teachers, following formal or informal evaluations, work with students with dramatically different educational needs which requires more variety of instruction. With Time4Writing, individuals or small groups can be given a customized writing course to address individual needs. A second reason is to augment limited resources within a school. Giving meaningful one-on-one feedback to students is time-consuming and requires experienced writing teachers. Time4Writing can provide these resources on an as needed basis.

Is Time4Writing standards-based?

Yes. Could a school use Time4Writing’s online campus and their own teachers? Yes; Time4Writing can provide online training for teachers to use the Time4Writing system in the classroom. This approach would make sense in many cases, especially if there will be an ongoing need for Time4Writing. Time4Writing will also consider requests to customize the course for a specific length of time, intensity, or to cover specific subject matters.

Are students assessed?

Yes; each writing assignment is evaluated based on a rubric and feedback is provided the next day. This next day specific teacher feedback is key to helping students progress and succeed.

Is Time4Writing hiring teachers?

Time4Learning is interested in hearing from experienced, licensed writing teachers that are seeking part- or full-time employment. We require teachers to be licensed to teach language arts or writing and we prefer that they have prior experience teaching online. We will not work with teachers who have a full-time classroom teaching responsibility and/or who are seeking to moonlight at night.

Who provides Time4Writing?

Time4Writing is one of three major educational services provided by VKidz Inc, a private Florida corporation. The other services are VocabularySpellingCity.com and Time4Learning.com. The company was founded in 2004 and has an onsite staff of 20 people and another 20 off-site part-time employees.