Types of Writing

There are many different types of writing. When you write an expository piece, your purpose can be to persuade, inform, or describe something to your readers. You might write something in order to give directions or to give your opinion. Whatever it is, you’ll need to be clear on the reason you’re writing and who your intended audience is. When you write a persuasive piece, you need to be prepared to include facts. The idea is to convince your readers that your idea, belief, or cause is the one to support. If you are writing an informative piece, you need to give readers the information they’ll need to understand your topic. Sometimes your purpose will be to describe something in detail or to give step by step directions.

You will also need to use some different writing devices to help you get your point across. You might use sequence, descriptions, cause and effect, comparison, or describe problems and solutions. You might include charts, graphs, diagrams, or pictures to add to your writing. These can require a little extra research or reading up on your topic.

There are also many different forms of writing that you can choose from. You’ll need to decide the best way to get the information to your readers. You might choose to write an essay, a report, a letter, or even do a presentation.

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