Worksheets for Grammar

The question we often hear when it comes to standardized tests is, “Do you have to prepare for it?” The answer is yes, but the problem is that it isn’t information you can sit down and study or memorize. Standardized tests are meant to test your general knowledge and ability in various areas, whether it’s math, reading, or social studies. But it’s not like your Friday spelling test or your unit test on physical science where you know what information you’ll be asked for.

So, then how do you prepare? There are areas you can focus on, like English grammar. We know that your grammar will be tested on every standardized test for writing and based on previous versions of the tests, we know how it will be tested. For example, on the SAT, they’ll ask you to identify common sentence errors, correct or improve sentence structure, and edit in context by improving paragraphs. Knowing this helps you to practice the types of questions you’ll be asked and the skills you’ll need to answer them.

Okay, now how do you practice? You’ll likely have opportunities to practice your skills in school and will even be given practice tests so you know what to expect. In many classrooms, you’ll even be given the same rules and time frames as the actual test. But you can and should practice on your own too. The right test prep materials can help you prepare and gain confidence so you’re ready when it’s time for the test.

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