Worksheets for Paragraphs Writing

When it comes to writing on standardized tests, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out how to prepare. The questions that students are asked on these tests don’t usually ask for information that you can study and memorize. They are skill-based and they test your ability to complete a given task and use what you’ve learned in each specific area. Standardized tests come in many different forms and many subjects from third grade English to SATs.

Paragraph writing is a common skill that is tested at every level from elementary forward. While writing tests won’t be as demanding in fourth grade as they will in eleventh grade, there are still certain components that will need to be included. Did you answer the given question or give responses to each of the prompts? Are the sentences complete and grammatically correct? Are there enough examples and is there enough evidence to support your topic? Even in the shortest of responses, there needs to be substance and it needs to be clear.

To get a better idea of the types of paragraphs you should practice, you need to know what they’ll be looking for on the specific test you’ll be taking. This information is readily available and will probably be practiced with you in school. There are also a lot of great materials available both in print and online that will help you prepare for writing on standardized tests. A good program, full of sample questions and practice opportunities, will be extremely beneficial in helping you prepare for whatever test is coming your way.

Time4Writing offers multiple free resources for preparing for standardized tests including free worksheets, slideshows, printables, and learning games.

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