Writing Mechanics Worksheets

Teaching writing mechanics can be overwhelming. You’ll start in different places, depending on the level you teach. Some students are just learning proper writing mechanics, while others already have a good grasp of it and need to learn advanced rules and techniques. Whatever the level, one method is to use worksheets to help students learn and practice. Of course, it should go without saying that using only worksheets will not be effective. Students need to learn about the mechanics of writing in context and by having seasoned writers model it for them.

If you’d like to create your own worksheets, first you’ll need to decide what skills you want your students to work on. Are they just starting out? They might benefit from practicing proper punctuation at the end of a sentence. Are they moving right along? If so, they might be ready to explore the different rules of grammar and different ways to put a sentence together. Are they experienced or advanced writers? These writers might be best served by practicing editing their own writing or the writing of their peers.

Wherever you choose to focus your efforts on, and however you choose to help students learn and practice writing mechanics, be sure to use variety. They’ll need to see it in their own writing as well as in the writing of others.

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