Writing Process – Graphic Organizer

The writing process at its basic level consists of five steps, some of which may be repeated as the writer moves through them. It begins with the planning stage, which is often called prewriting. A draft is then written, revised, edited, and rewritten until it is ready to be published. Graphic organizers can help writers move through the process and are especially helpful in the planning stage.

There are many graphic organizers that can be helpful to writers. Part of the process is deciding what is needed for each particular piece or story. A basic outline, such as the one below, is a good way to plan if you will have multiple paragraphs.


  • Paragraph one topic
    • detail/example
    • detail/example
  • Paragraph two topic
    • detail/example
    • detail/example

If you need to generate ideas and get them organized, a mind map or idea web, is a great place to start. This usually consists of a circle in the center with the main idea or topic, which branches out to other circles, which contain the main points or details.

When writing a creative story, an organizer that helps plan out the beginning, middle, and end might be the best option. These usually lay out the title, characters, and setting and then spend the majority of space on boxes or lines for the main parts of the story to be filled in.

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