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Video: Narrative Paragraphs

Writing Help for Students

Narrative paragraphs describe what happens over a period of time. This video was […]

Graphic Organizer: Elementary Report Writing

Site News and Updates, Writing Help for Students

To prepare for the many informative writing tasks they will have at the […]

Video: Descriptive Paragraphs

Writing Help for Students

This video was created to help writing students understand how to create a […]

Bring a Writing Teacher Along on Your Summer Break

Writing Help for Students

Pass the lemonade and the frisbee; summer is almost here! Are you winding […]

Video: Capitalization Rules

Writing Help for Students

There are many different rules when it comes to capitalizing words in a […]

Learning to Write – Why Your Student May be Uncooperative and How to Fix it

Homeschool Writing, Tips for Teaching Writing

Tell me if either of these scenarios seems familiar. It’s only an hour […]