If your child has never taken an online course, and you are concerned about their ability to handle one, here are a few things you should consider.

Can your child read at at least a first or second grade level?  Most of the teaching and instruction in the Time4Writing course is given in writing.  If your child can’t yet read the lessons, they might still be able to take the course, but you would need to either sit with them and read the lessons aloud, or use some type of text to speech program to guide them through the coursework.

Does your child feel comfortable with a computer?  If your child is just now building mouse skills, and hasn’t had any keyboarding experience, he or she might find an online course overwhelming.  But if they are already spending time on the internet, and can at least hunt and peck on a keyboard, they will probably do fine with an online writing course.

Is your child able to work somewhat independently?  Some kids that are used to mom or dad guiding them every step of the way through their homeschool material might find an online class to be quite a break from the norm.  Assignments are provided in a step by step fashion, and most children will be able to navigate the order of lessons quite easily, but if that isn’t the case with your child, you might need to sit with him or her throughout the lessons to help them stay on track.

Can your child use word processing software?  The written assignments in Time4Writing are all completed in a basic word processing interface.  But this interface can be somewhat overwhelming if you have never worked in a word processor before.  It might be wise to let your child practice with a basic word processor before beginning the Time4Writing course so that they know what some of the symbols, such as Font Face, Font size, Justify, Undo, Redo, and Indent mean.

If you think your child can handle these basic requirements, then they are ready to take one of the fun, interactive writing courses offered at Time4Writing.  The courses are designed to be user-friendly for both the parents and the students, so you can be confident that if you sign up, you will have all the guidance you need to take and complete any of our courses.  We look forward to helping your children become better writers…so sign up today!