Homeschool Writing

The Fun Side of Essay Writing

Homeschool Writing

What is it that motivates kids to write?  Unfortunately, many times it is […]

Online Writing Courses with a Certified Teacher

Homeschool Writing

If there is one area that homeschooled parents tend to doubt themselves in, […]

The Connection Between Writing and Vocabulary

Homeschool Writing, Tips for Teaching Writing

A good writer can take you places.  In one single paragraph, you can […]

Middle School Mechanics

Homeschool Writing

Students often consider the study of the mechanics of language a boring – […]

How To Structure A Sentence

Homeschool Writing

When you build a house, you shouldn’t start with the roof. A well-built house […]

Essay Writing For Homeschoolers

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See if this scenario sounds familiar.  Just when your student thinks they’ve got this […]