Choose the Right Writing Course for Your Child

Selecting the Best Course

Wondering which writing class you should enroll your child in? Time4Writing offers a placement quiz to help you select which course would best suit your child’s needs. It identifies the most common writing problems and suggests which course would be most appropriate. For example, if your child is in middle school and has trouble with subject-verb agreement, then you should enroll them in the middle school course for Basic Mechanics. This course teaches students how to make common subjects and verbs agree. Does your elementary school child have problems correctly punctuating plural and possessive nouns? Then Sensational Sentences is the class you should choose.

Writing Standards by Grade Level

It’s also helpful to understand the writing standards your child is expected to master at each grade level. Writing standards include strategies, applications, evaluation, English language conventions, research and inquiry. If you wanted your child to review these concepts while on winter break or prepare for the next grade’s writing standards over the summer, you could choose a writing course that teaches those standards. For instance, fifth grade standards include writing narrative and expository writing, so you might like to enroll your child in our “Welcome to the Essay” course. Learn more about grade-by-grade writing standards and how Time4Writing can help your child master these skills.

New Content Highlights

Want to learn more about the writing process, or learn how to inspire your child to write? We’re always adding new content in our blog that will help you help your children become better writers. Check out our latest articles and share what you learn with your budding writers. Recent articles include:

What We Offer

Time4Writing provides online writing courses that build writing fundamentals for students in elementary, middle and high school. How does it work? Certified writing teachers assign weekly objectives via the user-friendly online teaching system. Students log in and work through the automated exercises, lessons, readings, and written assignments that are designed to help students master writing skills and core competencies. Within 24 hours of each assignment, a personal writing tutor reviews assignments and provides feedback. Below is a list of courses available by grade level.

Learn more about the Time4Writing interactive writing classes below:

Our online writing classes form the foundation for strong writing skills in the future. Now is the time to invest in your child’s writing future. Try Time4Writing today!

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