Choosing the Right Writing Course for Your Child

It Shouldn’t be Stressful

We at Time4Writing believe good writing is a big deal. We don’t take writing success lightly, and we know you don’t either. That’s why we have put a few different assurances in place that will give you confidence that your child is signing up for the correct course. If you still have concerns after viewing this page, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Choosing the Right Writing Course for Your Child. It Shouldn't Be Stressful
  • Satisfaction guaranteed on any of our courses or your money back within the first two weeks.
  • If your first course choice doesn’t work out, you and your Time4Writing teacher can work together on switching to another course with the first two weeks.
  • Prior to selecting a course, your child will have an opportunity to take a placement quiz to determine which course is the best fit for their skill level.

Wondering what your child’s placement quiz might look like?

Click on your student’s grade level to view sample questions from our placement quiz

Elementary School Level: Sample Course Placement Questions

Is the following group of words a fragment, a run-on, or a complete sentence?
Is very pretty

  1. Run-on
  2. Complete sentence
  3. Fragment

Choose the correct end punctuation for the following sentence.
Should we start dinner without Dad

  1. .
  2. !
  3. ?

Choose the correct verb for this sentence.
My sister and brother ______ my mom with dinner every night.

  1. help
  2. helps

Middle School Level: Sample Course Placement Questions

Which word in the following sentence is not capitalized correctly?
This Thursday, i will be visiting my brother’s high school.

  1. i
  2. high school
  3. Thursday

Choose the correct singular possessive form for the noun “beach”

  1. beaches
  2. beach’s
  3. beaches’

Choose the correct verb form in the following sentence.
Everyone ____ the new teacher in school.

  1. love
  2. loves

High School Level: Sample Course Placement Questions

Identify the complete predicate in the following sentence.
All of the children are attending the conference.

  1. are
  2. are attending
  3. are attending the conference
  4. the children are

Choose the sentence that correctly uses the plural form of the noun, berry.

  1. I picked some berry’s from the bush.
  2. I picked some berries’ from the bush.
  3. I picked some berrys’ from the bush.
  4. I picked some berries from the bush.

For what type of paragraph would the topic sentence below be correct?
We had a great time at the beach yesterday!

  1. Persuasive
  2. Expository
  3. Narrative

Time4Writing courses are designed to help elementary, middle, and high school students at all levels build and enhance their writing skills. Each course includes one-on-one instruction from certified teachers who provide prompt, personalized feedback. A course placement quiz, an opportunity to switch courses, and a money-back guarantee, make the sign-up process worry-free. Ready to put your student on the path to writing success?

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