Have you ever felt that writing is one of the most difficult subjects to homeschool?  No matter what curriculum you use, there always seem to be cracks in the plaster where some writing rule or technique falls through.  My oldest son was in seventh grade before I realized that he almost never broke up his paragraphs.  He could make his writing come alive, and it was interesting to read, so it wasn’t until he started printing out some of his writings that I realized the poor kid used almost ten sentences per paragraph!  Tell me that isn’t daunting to read!  I don’t know about you, but in our McCulture, I am never going to take the time to read something that looks like War and Peace’s baby brother.  I knew it was time to help him understand what makes up a good paragraph.

The challenge for homeschooling parents is finding out what gaps there are in their children’s instruction.

Maybe you read your child’s writing and you have the feeling that something isn’t exactly right, but you can’t put your finger on it.  Or maybe you are frustrated because your son or daughter’s writing assignments are getting more complex, but their writing style seems stalled.  Perhaps they are writing pretty well, but their mechanics such as capitalization, punctuation, and run-on sentences need some brushing up.

If any of these apply to your situation, you might want to consider signing your homeschooler up for one of Time4Writing’s online writing courses. The Time4Writing courses are a surefire way to fill in the gaps of any previous writing instruction.  Whether it is making sure they understand what makes a good sentence, review, assessing their paragraph skills,or brushing up on the mechanics of writing, these courses will ensure that your child isn’t missing any of the crucial elements for effective writing.

Check out our course list for more information on individual classes, and sign your child up today!