In order to be able to write clearly and effectively, students need to be able to construct a strong paragraph.  As soon as they are able to write a full sentence, they begin to learn that those sentences can fit together to express an idea or theme.  This is the purpose of a paragraph.

But putting together a paragraph doesn’t always come easily.  Sometimes, students need guidance in understanding topic sentences, supporting details, and summaries.  For this reason, Time4Writing has created two helpful courses for understanding and constructing well-designed paragraphs.

Elementary students can take the Perfect Paragraphs course to learn the parts of a paragraph, the different types of paragraphs, and how to write in chronological order.  Students will get lots of practice in paragraph writing during this course, and will receive feedback on their efforts.

For middle schoolers, Time4Writing offers the Powerful  Paragraphs course. This course is similar to the elementary course, but with more advanced insight into the structure and composition of a good paragraph, as well as additional practice in proofreading and editing their own paragraphs.

Either of these courses will prepare your student for future writing assignments including essays, narratives, and even fictional works.  To find out how to sign up for one of these courses, head over to our registration page to reserve your child’s spot.