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High School Essay Writing for the SAT

Mission Possible: SAT Essay Writing

Course Overview

Time4Writing’s Essay Writing for the SAT is designed for students who want to strengthen their essay writing skills so that they can achieve higher SAT scores. The course was created and written by English teachers who have also been official scorers for the SAT Essay. Students, therefore, are given tools and tips from experienced educators who have been “in the trenches.” The students work on budgeting their time, developing a strong thesis, using solid examples, and editing their writing all within the limited amount of time they are given during the actual SAT exam. In this course, students have the chance to write essays while being timed just as if they were taking the real test. The teacher works with the students to give them the tools to earn a score of a perfect 6.

Course Objectives

Unit 1 – What you need to know when writing for the SAT

Students will become familiar with the elements of and what they can expect from the SAT Essay.

Unit 2 – Breaking down the writing prompt

Students will learn to and practice fully addressing the writing prompt.

Unit 3 – Writing an excellent essay

Students will work on organization, tone, style, unity, and coherence by revisiting the five-paragraph expository essay.

Unit 4 – Using your voice in your essays

Students will work on finding their voice and practice using it in their writing.

Unit 5 – Stronger sentences, stronger essays

Students will strengthen their sentences so that they are specific and focused.

Unit 6 – Improving paragraph structure

Students will work on paragraph structure and content so that each paragraph smoothly transitions to the next.

Unit 7 – Identifying and correcting errors for better essays

Students will discover quicker and easier ways to edit and proofread their writing in a limited amount of time.

Unit 8 – Practice, Practice, Practice

Students will have the opportunity to practice – in real time – writing SAT essays.

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