Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Gary has been keeping an eye on son Braeden’s writing for the past year. Braeden has finally come out of his “writing shell” and has started to produce longer and longer compositions, when assigned, and even recently wrote a story just for the fun of it–outside of homeschool hours!

Now that he’s been looking back over the work from last year’s writing classes, though, Gary notices some major gaps in Braeden’s grammar skills–particularly in his sentence structure and use of commas. He wonders if his son’s grammar is on target with other eighth graders or if he should be concerned.

Evaluating a Homeschooler’s Writing Level

Knowing what areas to target in your homeschooler’s writing instruction depends on your overall goals for your student’s writing. Grade-level writing standards can be an aid in determining what skills to focus on and when; but of course, each child is unique and may reach writing milestones at different times.

Most of the time, like Gary did, it’s a good idea to recognize the specific skill areas where your homeschooler may have a deficit. To help parents with a quick evaluation, Time4Writing offers a downloadable student writing checklist.

Download the Checklist

How to Use the Writing Checklist

View or download the writing checklist below for each student in your homeschool. With a sampling of your student’s writing from the previous year in front of you, go through the items on the list one by one; and mark each area that you are confident your child/teen has mastered.

After reviewing each writing skill item, go back and review any items that have not been marked. Then, decide if the skill is simply something your student has not received instruction in yet or is possibly a skill gap that needs addressing.

Addressing Writing Skill Gaps

Whether the missing skills you’ve identified are due to your child’s education level or an actual instructional gap, the solution is the same: targeted instruction. Time4Writing offers eight-week courses in each of the areas of the writing skills checklist including sentence writing, paragraph writing, and essay writing.

Compare your homeschooler’s checklist with the offerings in the Time4Writing homeschool course catalog to determine the course or courses that best address his or her specific English writing skills shortfalls. You can sign up immediately to get your student right back on track with writing growth.

Parents like Gary not only want their homeschoolers to find their voice, but to be able to express it in the clearest most effective way possible. Time4Writing is proud to be part of that writing journey for your student. Download your checklist today!