When you build a house, you shouldn’t start with the roof. A well-built house needs a good foundation – – something that will hold up the rest of the building.

The same is true with writing.  Whether you are writing a letter, a story, an article, or an essay, it will all fall apart without a strong foundation.  And that foundation starts with a well-structured sentence.

Writing a sentence sounds simple, doesn’t it?  But good sentences are more than just subjects and verbs thrown together.  They are designed to communicate thoughts and ideas as clearly and concisely as possible.

In fact, sentences can make or break any style or type of writing.  A writer can have the most creative storyline imaginable, but if he can’t form a strong sentence, no one will ever want to read his work.  Every form of literature, from the simplest paragraph to the longest epic is built on the foundation of sentences.

It is important for students to learn the skill of sentence writing early in their school career.  Almost every aspect of a student’s school day is centered around his or her ability to structure a good sentence.

If you want to ensure that your child get’s the best chance to become a successful writer, then make sure that she or he gets adequate instruction in building a good sentence.  Time4Writing offers a wonderful 8-week course for elementary school students called “Sensational Sentences.”  This is a wonderful class for early writers that covers all aspects of structuring sentences, including using description, sentence revision, and the four common types of sentences.  To find out more about Time4Writing’s Sensational Sentence course, or one of their other courses, click here for more information.