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Importance of Teacher Feedback

Providing constructive feedback to students is the goal of any dedicated writing teacher. This teacher-student interaction makes a huge difference in a student’s writing experience.

The need for feedback on one’s work is important to any writer; but it is even more essential for a student writer. It is the main way for them to receive writing help. Using a student’s own writing is the best teaching tool for writing mastery.

In order for teacher feedback to be beneficial, it should follow these guidelines:

  • Highlight both the positive and the negative aspects of the particular piece of writing
  • It should be given in a timely manner
  • Feedback must be delivered to the student before that student moves on to another writing assignment

While teachers need to point out any errors a student may have made in their writing, they should accompany the “wrongs” with the “rights.” This allows the student to feel good about him/herself and to be more accepting of any criticism. Here is an example:

Your ideas are really creative, but you need to write them in a more organized manner.

Feedback ceases to be relevant if given too long after the writing assignment is submitted to a teacher. The student no longer has as much attachment to or memory of the particular piece of writing.

If a student attempts a new assignment without having been corrected on a previous assignment, the same error can be repeated over and over. This makes timely feedback, and waiting before beginning a new writing project, all-the-more important.

Time4Writing has a policy of sending feedback to students within a 24-hour time period unless it is a weekend or holiday. Time4Writing teachers adhere to all of the suggested guidelines for providing feedback to students.

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