Time4Writing Teacher Feedback

As we have listened to our students and parents over the years, we have realized how powerful the need is for teacher-led writing help for children that reinforces the basics.  Countless parents have told us that when they try to give feedback on their child’s writing, they run into one or more of these problems:

  1. Their child or teen takes their criticism of their writing assignment very personally.
  2. They can point out errors in their student’s writing, but aren’t sure how to give constructive feedback.
  3. Their suggestions to a child about improving his or her writing lead to power struggles.
  4. They don’t know how to point out errors without making their student feel incompetent as a writer.

How Time4Writing Helps with Writing Feedback

Writing is a very personal endeavor. Students are reluctant to hear criticism and instruction from their parent on their efforts.  It’s impossible not to feel at least a little pained when someone finds fault with the words that came from your heart. When that someone is a parent, it makes children naturally defensive, which can lead to reluctance to write altogether.

Yet, students need personalized feedback. That’s where the Time4Writing teachers come in. When feedback on a writing assignment comes from an objective, encouraging source, such as an experienced writing teacher, students usually take the critique much less personally.

How Constructive Feedback Boosts Writing Skills

The overall goal of giving a student feedback on a writing assignment is to help the young writer recognize opportunities for improving their text. We’d all like to believe that our first draft is our best effort, but ultimately, there is almost always something that can be changed, added, or removed that will make our writing clearer, more persuasive, or have more impact on the reader.

Time4Writing’s team of teachers are skilled at providing the kind of reinforcement that allows young writers to feel empowered to improve. Yes, there will be corrections that need to be made to writing assignments, but when those corrections are weaved with just the right amount of encouraging support, a motivated writer is born!

If you’ve grown tired of the power struggles, hurt feelings, or uncertainty that teaching writing at home often creates, Time4Writing offers the perfect solution. Let our all-in-one homeschool writing curriculum and our experienced writing teachers take the pressure off of home writing instruction.

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