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Incompatibility is the Mother of Innovation

OK, that may be a bit grandiose, but I wanted to grab your attention! Incompatibility has at least been the big sister of progress though and that’s not overstating things at all.

In working as smoothly as we can through any of the hurdles that can come with online learning and internet technology we have found great new (or revamped in some cases) pieces of technology that can be implemented that will make our classes that much more interactive and easy-to-use.

In one case, for example, one of our courses called for students to upload a graphic organizer that they had created using a word processing program or digital art program. This was tough in some cases because many students didn’t have the needed programs or their word processing program was different than that of the teacher, which made it impossible for the teacher to grade their submission. Enter a whiteboard program that allows you to save your work and send it to someone else (someone like a teacher).

This find could possibly be another great digital tool to have at our disposal. Or, instead it could turn out to be incompatible in some other way that we haven’t foreseen. If that tuns out to be the case, we may just have to go back to the drawing board… so to speak.

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