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Time4Writing Mechanics Resource

Writers like to have people read their writing! Some writers have an exceptional ability to communicate their thoughts on paper. But just putting words on paper is not enough. Good writers also need to be good editors. There’s nothing worse than reading an exceptional piece of writing and being distracted by all of the mistakes in capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar. It’s enough to make one to stop reading that piece of writing altogether. What a shame! Good writers need to know language arts. One way to do that is to study mechanics. We use the word “mechanics” to mean spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and anything else related to editing your writing. Below you will find some basic rules that will really help you polish up your work. You can look at these rules online, print them out, post them on your wall, put them in your notebook, memorize them–do whatever it takes to help you improve your writing. Even experienced writers have to refer to these rules occasionally in order to prepare for the SAT test, so don’t be shy about doing so! Practice writing regularly, and then practice applying these rules to your writing, and watch your audience grow.



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