Students often consider the study of the mechanics of language a boring – – even painful – – subject.  Especially when they have made it past the elementary school years, they wonder why they continue to need to cover subjects like punctuation, capitalization, sentence types, or noun-verb agreement.

But I have looked over my 7th grader’s papers and I can tell you for certain: middle schoolers still need mechanics tune-ups!  This is particularly important if their language arts curriculum doesn’t include review work in these areas.

In the middle school years, the shift of language arts often moves towards writing for content, which is a necessary transition.  But as students turn their attention more toward what they are trying to communicate, it is easy for them to get careless with the accuracy of how it is communicated.

Middle school is also a time when gaps in language arts learning become more obvious.  With more written work being required of students, mistakes in writing mechanics become more obvious.  It is a good idea to make notations of common errors your child is making in their writing, and see if those errors show up from paper to paper.  Then you will have a clearer picture of what areas need possible review or even reteaching.

Time4Writing offers a wonderful course for middle schoolers designed to help them brush up on the various elements of writing mechanics.  The eight-week course covers many areas that commonly cause trouble for writers in the middle grades such as:

  • sentences vs. fragments
  • subjects and predicates
  • questions and statements
  • commands and exclamations
  • subject-verb agreement
  • capitalization
  • confusing words

If you are a parent of a middle schooler, and want to make sure that there writing is improving both in content and mechanics, then sign them up for this fun, interactive online course.  Because it is never too late to become a better writer!

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