One-on-one online writing courses for kids in elementary, middle and high school. Building basic writing skills covering the mechanics of sentences and paragraphs.

Middle School Writing Overview

In middle school, students’ writing skills are expected to improve dramatically. Time4Writing provides online one-on-one middle school writing instructions and activities that teach grammar and mechanics, paragraph writing, and essay writing. A strong foundation in writing while in middle school will help students with their writing projects in high school and beyond.

Students enjoy learning to write when they have stimulating writing assignments and timely feedback. Time4Writing’s interactive middle school writing courses provide fun and interesting writing prompts within structured lessons.

All of our student-paced classes are taught by certified middle school writing teachers. Time4Writing is popular as a writing homeschool curriculum, for afterschool enrichment, for remediation, and as a summer school alternative.

Middle School Writing Courses

For middle school students, learning to write is facilitated by Time4Writing’s lessons in fundamentals such as complete sentences versus fragments, subjects and predicates, subject-verb agreement, and capitalization, as well as essay writing skills. Plus, our middle school writing teachers provide valuable feedback on your child’s writing assignments. It’s like having your own writing coach available to you right at your keyboard. Time4Writing’s middle school writing curriculum includes courses in:

Middle School Writing Lessons in Basic Mechanics

There are two middle school writing lessons in basic mechanics. The first writing class teaches students how to write sentences correctly by learning the difference between a complete sentence, a fragment, and  a run-on sentence. Students will also learn to distinguish between plural and possessive nouns, understand how to make subjects and verbs agree, and learn to use correct capitalization rules.

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Middle School Writing Lessons in Advanced Mechanics

The second grammar course for middle school students is advanced mechanics. This course helps students enhance their writing skills by understanding and using punctuation to create different types of sentences, as well as compound sentences. Students will also learn about verb forms and how to properly use adjectives and adverbs in their middle school writing assignments.

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Middle School Writing Class about Paragraphs

Clear and precise paragraphs form the basis of effective writing. In Time4Writing’s third writing course for middle school, students will learn to write meaningfully with expository, narrative, and descriptive paragraphs. Our interactive paragraph writing curriculum will help students understand and create topic and closing sentences with supporting details in between.

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Middle School Writing Instruction for Essays

With writing prompts your child can identify with (an event in their life) and be creative (the most disgusting meal they’ve ever eaten), your child will learn from and enjoy our middle school essay writing class. Throughout the course, students will write expository and narrative essays based on real-life experiences as well as research-based topics. In our advanced middle school essay writing course, students will learn to find their voice and write according to different types of media (news, internet, theater, and more). Students will use fun writing prompts to create persuasive and informative essays as well as write an internet home page and a script.

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A New Approach to Writing Courses for Middle School

Children enjoy using the computer to learn, and Time4Writing’s online lesson plans take advantage of today’s technology to help middle school students write effectively. Our interactive writing curriculum engages and challenges students while they work at their own pace. For parents, our online middle school writing classes have several advantages. Individualized learning paths assure that your child will master the writing skills and concepts necessary to succeed. In addition, you can track your child’s progress with each lesson. Most importantly, Time4Writing is proven effective, affordable, and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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