One of the most challenging areas of teaching writing to middle school age students is getting them motivated and keeping their interest.  Young people, in this age group, are dealing with the physical and emotional upheaval taking place in their bodies.  So, inspiring them to write is no easy task.

Writing Prompts that Raise Interest Levels Help

Writing prompts that tickle their hormone-surged funny bone, or to which they can relate helps an instructor win more than half the battle with these students. Whether it is a narrative or an expository essay, the topic needs to be one that is going to pique the middle school age student’s interest.Writing teachers have found this method to be successful when trying to keep students of this age writing.

Time4Writing has paid attention to the needs of middle school students to be able to somehow identify with what they are asked to write. Time4Writing’s middle school courses offer prompts such as write a how-to essay about a video game like Guitar Hero; write a descriptive essay of the most disgusting meal you have every eaten; and write a paragraph contrasting the kind of music you like to the kind of music another family member enjoys.

Time4Writing Courses Contain High Interest Prompts

When students are enthused about what they are writing, they are more willing to keep on doing it. That is the philosophy behind the writing courses offered in Time4Writing.

A Time4Writing middle school student expressed their gratitude this way, “I really enjoyed my Time4Writing course. I liked writing about things like the most disgusting meal because I could have fun and be creative.”

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