When students can make connections between the things they are passionate about and skills they need to gain, learning happens! Today, so many kids of all ages are passionately interested in Minecraft, and with good reason. For as long as children have been children, they have been drawn to create. The Minecraft environment is a blank canvas of inspiration for kids and teens.

When users are mining for the tools they need to craft their imaginative scenes and worlds they are mining more than just digital blocks. They are also digging deep into their own creativity. That’s why Minecraft is the perfect writing prompt subject. To get your student builder excited about the next writing task, incorporate one or more of these Minecraft writing prompts into your school day.

Writing Prompt

More Minecraft writing prompt ideas:

  • When you create a new world in Minecraft, what’s the first thing you do? Explain how your first day goes.
  • Do you use Redstone? If so, what functions does it have in game and why would those functions be important?
  • How do YOU play Minecraft? Do you prefer Creative Mode or would you rather play in Survival Mode? Write 3 sentences explaining your preference.
  • What mob (zombies, creepers, etc.) do you think is the most dangerous? Explain why.
  • What is your favorite thing to build in game? Write a paragraph detailing WHY it’s your favorite.
  • Describe the tool you use most often, and list why you use that more than anything else.
  • Talk about your favorite biome (landscape – i.e., forest, mountains, etc.). Give 5 reasons, in complete sentences, as to why you like it the best.

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