One-on-one online writing courses for kids in elementary, middle and high school. Building basic writing skills covering the mechanics of sentences and paragraphs.

The Benefits of an Online Writing Tutor

Writing is vital for success in most careers and disciplines today, so students must begin to acquire good writing skills early to prepare for adult life. Sometimes a writing tutor is just what students need to help them develop these skills. This is true for both mainstreamed and homeschooled children. In the classroom, the teacher doesn’t always have the time to work one-on-one with students. At home, parents who may well excel at teaching (and grading) math and other more straightforward subjects, are often uncomfortable critiquing their children’s writing. Not to mention that writing is a process, requiring much “re-doing” which can lead to tensions at home.

During the schooling years, writing is important in that it is an integral component of all academic subjects — even math (think “word problems”). Additionally, writing (in the form of essays) is a graded section unto itself in many standardized tests, including the all-important SAT. As adults, students will use writing in countless ways as they apply for and obtain jobs as well as manage their own households. Still, learning good paragraph and essay writing skills has a deeper value than that. It also helps students develop skills of reasoning and logic.

Any time in the future that students need to argue their case on a particular subject, they will be using skills they learned while training to write essays. So all the grounding they can get, to help them perfect their writing and their reasoning, is an investment in their future. But how can an online writing tutor help them develop these skills? Depending on a student’s level, it may be helpful to begin with online writing tutorials covering the basics such as sentence structure, then working systematically through paragraph writing and essay writing. A personal writing tutor provides engaging exercises and encouraging feedback, guiding students until they reach the point where they can write effortlessly and reason convincingly.

So whether to improve school grades, score well on standardized tests, or develop lifelong communication and reasoning skills, an online writing tutor helps students achieve both these short- and long-term goals. At Time4Writing, every online writing tutor is a certified teacher who works individually with each student to improve writing skills.

It All Starts With Sentence Writing

Sometimes a sentence can be as simple in construction and easy in comprehension as “I love peanut butter and jelly.” But, how would you complete this sentence? “Peanut butter and jelly ____ delicious.” Would you use is or are? Learning the intricacies of  subject-verb agreement from an online writing tutor is just the start of developing strong writing skills, from simple statements to more complex sentences. Once students learn the foundational concepts, it isn’t long before they move on to higher levels of creative writing.

An online writing tutor works with students to ensure they understand the concepts of Elementary School Sentence Writing. These basic writing concepts include subject-verb agreement, singular and plural nouns. as well as declarative and interrogative sentences. The creative writing tutor teaches these ideas through fun and interesting homework writing assignments, so students look forward to and enjoy learning the early steps in the writing process. With this sort of personalized writing homework help, students are soon writing detailed, well-constructed sentences, with proper punctuation and language.

Homeschoolers and classroom students alike find that learning the mechanics of writing is fun thanks to the games and videos that accompany the Sentence Writing lessons. These  reinforce the concepts their online writing tutor is teaching them.

Developing a Thought Through Paragraph Writing

Imagine the great feeling, as a student comes to recognize the power sentences have when they become the building blocks of paragraphs! A capable online writing tutor can lift homeschoolers and other students to this point, moving from a simple understanding of the structure of paragraphs all the way to using them to create a complex and nuanced argument in an essay. Beginning with tutorials in the objectives of Elementary School Paragraph Writing, a creative writing tutor takes students from topic sentences through closing sentences. Then comes the powerful display of how paragraphs can be used to unravel a chronology or describe a scene, to explain the steps in a task, or to persuade the reader about something.

Once students understand these writing basics, the sky is the limit! Their online writing tutor helps them become more skilled and adept at making a point and getting it across. From Middle School Writing Paragraphs to High School and College Prep Paragraphs, an online writing tutor shows students how to make their paragraphs interesting as well as informative. After all, nobody wants to read a dull paragraph, no matter how much good information it contains. By the time mainstream and homeschool students reach the college prep level, their creative writing skills should be solid enough to have them using language in a colorful and interesting way. With the support of an online writing tutor, students come to know how to make people want to read what they write.

Essay Writing and Making a Case

Fact versus opinion: do students know the difference? Teaching that difference becomes one of the crucial tasks of an online writing tutor teaching essay writing or other creative writing forms. An online writing tutor starts by providing an Elementary School Essay Writing Introduction. There are many concepts to learn when understanding how to construct an argument: adverbs and verb tenses, character and plot, and how to put all of these details together. An online writing tutor makes sure students learn these concepts systematically. As such, the writing help they receive brings clarity rather than confusion.

By the time students complete Middle School Essay Writing, these online writing ideas get even more interesting. At this point, their online tutoring in writing has taught them how they can research sources for interesting information to use in their essays as well as how to back up their conclusions. In fact, at the Middle School Advanced Essay stage, their creative writing reaches a certain level of complexity. At this stage, the students’ online writing tutor shows them how to use the “five W’s” (and the “H”), as well as how to use scripts and dialogue, as they learn to persuade with their words. At this level, stylistic diversity is introduced, with students taking their online writing ideas beyond classic courses and the proverbial paragraph, even learning to write for their own internet home page.

At the High School & College Prep Essay Writing level, students’ work reaches a pinnacle as their online writing tutor teaches them polish and finishing. Soon it becomes almost effortless for them to take their writing ideas and build from an opening statement toward a conclusion. Other important steps in the writing process with which an online writing tutor helps students include editing, revising, proofreading, and finally publishing their work. Imagine the pride when they see their first persuasive “Letter to the Editor” published online, or find other venues in which to make their essays public!

Through this entire process, the free Essay Writing resources are invaluable. When students supplement the homework help of their online writing tutor with these free resources, they learn more and polish their writing skills further. By then, both mainstreamed and homeschooled students have mastered the art of conveying factual information in a persuasive way.

Holding it All Together: Grammar, Usage, and Writing Mechanics

Talk about creating the right climate for good writing! Matching students with an online writing tutor who grounds them in all of the grammar and mechanics of offline or online writing, provides students with a much smoother experience — even in other subjects and aspects of their schooling. The one-on-one homework help of an online tutor is invaluable especially at the Elementary School writing level. This is when homeschoolers and classroom students learn about nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech, and begin dealing with subjects, predicates, and structure.

Once the writing homework help provided by online tutoring has firmly established these concepts in the students’ minds, they are prepared to develop a real mastery of grammar and creative writing mechanics. Voyaging through Middle School writing courses and on to High School & College Prep writing classes, an online writing tutor guides students through the shoals of plural and possessive nouns, subject-verb agreement, and the rules of correct punctuation. These may not seem like the most exciting online writing ideas, yet once these elements are firmly understood, they pave the way for all other creative writing the student will do and make the experience much smoother and enjoyable.

That said, learning even these concepts can be fun! The Writing Mechanics free resources page provides backup games and other materials students can use to complement the work they are doing with their online writing tutor. Seeing the grammar and usage concepts put into action goes a long way toward helping students remember them.

Creative Strategies of Writing Enhancement

As we noticed above, when it comes to essay writing, middle school students really blossom, but they also need all of the reinforcement they can get. Having an online writing tutor for Middle School Writing Enhancement can make the difference between a student who is just getting by, and one who is taking simple writing prompt ideas, developing them, and really making them shine. The writing homework help in this case doesn’t necessarily teach what verbs or sentences are; instead it allows classroom and homeschool students to become adept at using them.

We all know the difference between using a chisel to smooth a flat surface and using it to create a sculpture. Writing enhancement, taught by an online writing tutor, provides creative writing ideas that help students use language tools in a masterful, artful way. As a supporting tool, students can visit the Learning How to Write page to access the games and other free resources that will help them improve their writing.

SAT Essay Prep: Where an Online Writing Tutor Really Shines

By the time students reach high school, it becomes clear how important the SAT is, and this is the greatest opportunity for an online writing tutor to provide an edge. Whether a student is an athlete hoping for a college sports scholarship, or budding scientist hoping to study university physics, online tutoring in writing and writing homework help can only improve a student’s chances of doing well on the essay portion of the SAT. With so many colleges and universities requiring SAT scores before allowing admission to their schools, a creative writing tutor who provides online writing ideas and targeted practice is an invaluable partner for both the homeschooled high school student and the mainstreamed high schooler.

An online writing tutor can help students find their distinct voice, strengthen their paragraph structures, and learn quick ways to detect errors that need to be corrected. Every minute counts during this exam, and any preparation or writing homework help that allows  students to write more quickly and strongly will make a big difference. In addition to the personalized attention of an online writing tutor, high school students have access to the free resources on the Standardized Testing page.

Throughout the young person’s entire school career, writing is the foundation upon which all other work rests. Both factual and creative writing will be needed for students to succeed in life, during post-secondary education and beyond. An online writing tutor can be a guide for students, every step of the way. Not only does online tutoring help with schoolwork, but it also prepares homeschooling students to learn critical habits of thinking that will help them become successful and highly literate adults who excel in the art of written and oral communication.

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