Welcome to Time4Writing! We’re so glad you’ve decided to allow our certified Time4Writing teachers to help your child develop skills and boost confidence in their own writing.

We’ve put together all the information you should need to get started below. If you still have questions after you’ve gone through this information please feel free to contact us.

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How do we start?

Each course has different types of activities to start with, but in all courses you will read the instructions in “Topic1” and start with the first activity. If that activity is an assignment that requires teacher feedback, you’ll submit the assignment and wait for feedback before you move on.

As you receive feedback you will move on to the next assignment in the list until you reach the end.

Are the courses self paced?

The courses are somewhat self paced.

The students have 8 consecutive weeks to complete their course work. We have split the work into 8 sections as a way of helping students manage their time.

As long as students are waiting for teacher feedback before they move from one assignment to the next, they are free to do more than one week of work per week.

How much time per week will my children need to dedicate to their course?

Generally the course load will require no more than three to five hours per week. This, of course, will vary per student.

Each week might have anywhere from 3 to 7 activities.

It may not be necessary for the student to log in every day.

How can I contact the teacher?

There will be a link at the top of each course that says “Send the teacher a message”. Each student can contact the teacher this way. Parents may also contact the teacher through the system and request that the teacher contact them by email if necessary.

The teachers will ONLY correspond with students on the Time4Writing system, never by email.

How do I turn in assignments and get teacher feedback?

This will all happen on the Time4Writing system.

Students will click on an activity link, read the directions and clink a button that opens up a writing area. Assignments will be typed and entered there.

Teachers will receive notice that an assignment has been turned in. Within 24 hours (except weekends) teachers will post feedback.

To view feedback, students will log in and click the “Grades” link on the front page of the course.