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Ready to Have More Writing Fun?

That look. You know…the one your child gives you when you announce it’s time for writing practice? As a parent, don’t you hate that look? Often, that look is a direct result of writing instruction that either isn’t engaging enough or is too advanced for a student’s writing level.

It’s important to remind students that writing isn’t just a tool for communication. It can also be a whole lot of fun. Here are five writing practice activities your child can do at home that are guaranteed to produce smiles rather than groans.

Writing Practice Activities

“Where Next?” Treasure Hunt
One of the toughest writing skills to learn is sequencing and creating transitions. Your child will barely know they are practicing, though, if you challenge them to a game of “Where Next?” The goal is for them to lead you to a treasure they have hidden somewhere in the house or yard by writing sequential clues for you and leaving them in spots for you to find. The only trick? Each clue must be written in a full sentence and must use a different transitional word such as “next,” “then,” “afterward,” “second,” etc.

Morning Stories
Want to add a little pizazz to the start of your homeschool day? Then you’ll love the idea of morning stories. Each morning, you and your child will each add one (and only one!) sentence to an ongoing story of your creation. To make the activity even more challenging, you can choose a word that the other person must include in their sentence. This activity can become almost as hilarious as Mad Libs™ as the story goes on. And, trust me, you’ll want it to go on and on!

Morning Stories

Family Mailboxes
Here’s something you don’t see every day: a shelf full of mailboxes in your house! Yet, that’s exactly what you’ll need for this activity. Plus, you might have just as much fun browsing for unique mailboxes at yard sales or thrift stores as you will writing messages to one another. Either way, don’t be surprised when you find yourself checking your family mailbox a lot more often and a lot more excitedly than the one on the curb. What a fun and relationship-building way to grow writing skills!

Family Mailboxes

There’s an App for That
A fun activity that upper elementary or middle school writers will enjoy is “designing” their own app by writing about what their app would accomplish, what need it would fulfill, and then drawing at least one screenshot of what the app would look like in action.

There's an App for That

Guess What?
This game doesn’t require a single pen, pencil, or keyboard…just an object that your child has picked from the house and hides from you. By trying to describe the object to you without mentioning its name, your child will build important skills in using words to create images and using descriptive language.

Guess What?

These hands-on activities might get even the most reluctant writers excited about sharing their thoughts in writing. But, your child shouldn’t stop there. Interactive, teacher-led courses from Time4Writing are the ideal way to continue building your child’s command of sentences, paragraphs, essays, and more. Sign up for Time4Writing today to keep the writing fun and learning going for weeks and months to come.

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