As we have grown through the beginning of the year we have learned a lot about the sort of need there is out there for teacher-led writing help for children. There are so many young writers that will and do benefit from personalized feedback from a certified teacher. Their writing potential emerges and they learn how to turn their interest in writing into a skill they can use for life.

There is another group of hopeful writers out there that are starting from a different level of writing. They are coming from a place of needing reinforcement of things like subject/verb agreement, sentence structure, capitalization and punctuation; essentially the mechanics of writing. We first noticed the need in the middle school level which prompted us to add our Basic Middle School Mechanics course. This seems to have been a necessary addition and has been very helpful in transitioning struggling middle school writers into confident word smiths, ready to take on paragraph writing.

Again, we have found that there is a need for a reinforcement course; this time at the high school level. Covering the fundamentals of sentence and paragraph writing our high school mechanics course will help struggling high school writers prepare to start writing excellent essays with confidence, using strong sentences and powerful paragraphs.

Look for our High School Mechanics course starting in August. We’ll make sure to keep you posted!