Make the Most of Summertime

with Flexible Course Schedules

Catch up or move ahead with Time4Writing’s intensive summer courses

With courses starting every day, Time4Writing makes it easy for students to enroll at any time during the year. More convenient and affordable than traditional, rigidly scheduled writing programs, Time4Writing offers beginner, intermediate and advanced writing programs for elementary, middle and high school students. The summer, with its reduced academic demands yet busier than ever activity schedule, is a great time to take advantage of the flexibility of an online course!

Time4Writing Summer Courses Start Daily!Because all Time4Writing courses are designed as 8-week modules to be incorporated into a student’s full course load during the academic year, when taken during the summer months the same courses may well take students less time to complete as they typically have a less demanding academic schedule then. For that reason, and depending on each family’s schedule (whether over the summer or during the school year), each course comes with two easy-to-follow “suggested schedules” for students to complete their writing course in the time-frame of their choice, be it 4 or 8 weeks.

There are dozens of wonderful online writing courses from which to choose as well as an informative placement chart to determine which summer writing program to select. Beyond flexibility, convenience and content quality, the most beneficial aspect of the Time4Writing program is undoubtedly the fact that students work one-on-one with a certified writing teacher who reviews and provides feedback on every assignment the day after it is submitted.

Whether looking to catch up or move ahead, summer is a great time to continue learning. Thanks to Time4Writing, students can do just that from virtually anywhere and at any time of the day or week, no matter what the family’s summer plans.