Time4Learning.com, a Homeschool.com top-rated online education software company, offers California parents an online alternative to cancelled summer school classes caused by the State budget deficit. Time4Learning.com provides award-winning, online Preschool to 12th grade education curriculum.

According to John Edelson, Founder and President of Time4Learning.com, “The summer is a critical time for many students to catch up or advance their skills. The cancellation of summer classes by the State of California has created a large gap in the ability to do this affordably for many families and the Internet is a great alternative.”

Time4Learning offers two programs to address the summer school children’s needs: Time4Writing.com and Time4Learning.com. Time4Writing.com provides teacher-supervised online writing courses in eight-week courses for elementary, middle and high school students. This program builds writing skills through one-on-one interaction with a certified teacher. Parents have real-time access to view and monitor their child’s progress at anytime. At less than $15/week or $119/course, the program is extremely cost-effective compared to most teacher-supervised tutoring programs. Parents can view course material online at Time4Writing.com

Time4Learning.com is an online parent-supervised learning program offering PreK-8th grade math and reading curriculum at a cost of just $19.95/month which equates to just over $4.50/week. Time4Learning is a popular online curriculum used with great success by thousands of home school families every year.

About Time4Learning.com

Time4Learning.com was founded in 2003 to improve education among today’s computer-loving students. Time4Learning provides online preschool lessons, online elementary curriculum, and online middle school curriculum for reading, writing and arithmetic as well as social studies and sciences. In 2008, Time4Learning created Time4Writing.com, a series of eight-week online writing classes taught and facilitated by experienced writing teachers.