summer writing prompts for kids
At the beginning of summer vacation, June, July, and August seem to stretch out in a never-ending stream of pool visits, baseball games, and play dates. And yet (as parents well know) the reality is that those weeks end up feeling like a blip on a radar screen.

If building writing skills is one of your goals for your child or teen this summer, you can’t just “hope” it will happen. You will need to either register your child for a summer writing course or purposely make time for writing practice in your schedule.

One easy way to get in the habit of daily (or at least a few times weekly) skill-building is to use writing prompts as inspiration. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of summer-themed prompts geared to specific skills that you can incorporate in your practice sessions. Pick one skill you want to focus on, or experiment with them all!

Summer Writing Prompts for Sentence Practice

Is your young writer still getting the hang of writing simple, complex, and compound sentences? Does your older writer need a refresher in improving sentence structure or avoiding common sentence errors? The following sentence-writing prompts are perfect for completing while sipping lemonade under the nearest shade tree.

  • Write the next sentence in a story that begins as follows: I threw a shell as far as I could into the ocean and watched it drop into the blue. Imagine my shock when, in the very next minute, the same shell popped right back up from the waves and landed at my feet!
  • Describe your favorite cold summer treat in a single sentence.
  • Think about somewhere you have visited this summer, then write a sentence about it that would make someone else look forward to visiting as well.

Summer Writing Prompts for Paragraph Practice

Paragraphs are the core element of every kind of essay, report, or composition. When focusing on building paragraph-writing skills this summer, you’ll definitely want to make sure your child or teen can construct an effective topic sentence, knows how to use supporting details to back up the claim in their opener, and can draw things to a finish with a strong concluding sentence. The following paragraph writing prompts might be a great activity for the next picnic or between innings at the baseball game.

  • Many communities struggle with keeping their power grid strong enough in the summer months to prevent blackouts during heat waves. Brainstorm and then write a paragraph about something a community could do to keep excessive electricity use down at these times.summer break writing prompt
  • Would you rather have a summer-long break from school or smaller breaks every six weeks throughout the year? Explain your choice in a complete paragraph, and don’t forget to back up your opinion with supporting details.
  • Write a paragraph that attempts to persuade someone to spend more time outside this summer. What reasoning might you use to convince a friend or family member to get off their phone or computer and out into the great outdoors?

Summer Writing Prompts for Essay Practice

If your child or teen has more than a little time on their hands this summer, then why not get even more in-depth with practice sessions by focusing on essays? You might want to have him or her try their hand at different types of essays as well as practice writing an introduction paragraph and tying things up with a conclusion. These writing prompts offer your young writer the opportunity to use the whole writing process, from pre-writing through revision.

  • Is there one summer vacation you’ve taken that is more memorable than all the others? Share a narrative of the trip, and don’t forget to include descriptive details so that your reader can travel right along with you.
  • Do a little research to discover what summer break is like for students in another country. Compare and contrast the places you go, things you do, and ways you spend your time versus how a student in that country experiences their break.
  • Think about something you wish your town or region offered as an activity for the summer. Write a persuasive essay to your mayor or town council explaining why that activity matters, who would benefit from it, and how it could be funded.