Summer Writing Classes

Bailey’s mom is concerned. Her end-of-school-year standardized test showed that her scores in reading and writing were almost 15% lower than they were this time last year. The report shows that she especially lost ground in grammatical areas like identifying parts of speech and correct use of punctuation. With two months of summer break ahead, she worries that the problem will only get worse if Bailey doesn’t get help.

This feeling Bailey’s mom has is common to many parents. They are grateful their child is getting a break from the intensity of the school year but wish their student could get caught up in areas of learning lag. By signing up for a course with Time4Writing, students can do just that from virtually anywhere and at any time of the day or week, no matter what the family’s summer plans.

Why is summer the perfect time to focus on writing?

Summer Is a Great Time to Fill Educational Gaps
Do you feel like your son or daughter isn’t where they should be in terms of writing clearly, writing correctly, or writing concisely? You are not alone! Parents who contact Time4Writing report that of all the subjects their children tackle, writing is often the most difficult for them. Summer writing programs are a fantastic way to improve their writing proficiency while engaging and challenging them with a fun, interactive experience.
Summer Is a Good Chance to Target Specific Skills

Summer break for most children and teens is just over two months long. That may not be enough time to address all their writing gaps, but it is the perfect amount of time to focus on correcting specific deficits in grammar, sentence writing, or paragraph writing. Time4Writing offers targeted eight-week courses for elementary, middle school, and high school students – – the perfect duration for skill-building.

Summer Can Let Your Brain Get Mushy

By taking a summer writing course, you prevent the summer “doldrums” and keep your brain active, aware, and sharp as a tack. Studies show that students can experience significant learning loss during summer break if they are not actively using their brain to build on the skills they’ve learned. Writing assignments – – especially ones that challenge you – – are the perfect antidote to the learning lag that often accompanies a long summer break from school.

Time4Writing offers a variety of writing courses for students at almost any writing level.  Each course is led by a certified writing teacher who serves as both a mentor and a motivator.  The classes are all online, so students can easily work them into even the busiest summer schedules.  Head to our curriculum page to select your summer writing course.