Our Time4Writing technology is amazing, but we’re not actually technology driven. I have written before about our amazing technology, but when it comes right down to it, we could do this without any fancy internet doo-hickeys or shiny e-options. We could not, however, do this without our wonderful, human, teachers.

Our technology affords us the ability to present our course material with relative ease. It allows us to present a visually pleasing interface. It allows us to keep track of students and their grades. It allows us to add interactive quizzes, colorful diagrams and embedded slide-shows. It allows us a secure place to allow students access to their assignments. None of that matters without the humans involved in the process.

Without the teachers, our courses are simply lists of assignments. Our courses present a comprehensive look at writing at many different levels. They have some fun, interactive touches, but nothing technically comparable to an automated educational program like Time4Learning.

Time4Learning provides automated integrated learning, student paced, for four subjects on a monthly basis. Time4Learning teaches many aspects of language arts including many areas that help with writing such as grammar, punctuation, word choice, and vocabulary. There is also writing practice with writing prompts using the Time4Learning writing software (Odyssey Writer) which focuses on teaching the writing process (Planning, Writing, Revising, Proofreading). But, the grading and feedback on the writing is left to the parents who are helped by being given grading rubriques (eg criteria).

All this is just to say how important the human element is to our program. The teachers represent the real value of our program. Without them, we are just a bunch of fancy internet doo-hickeys and shiny e-options.