One of our most frequently asked questions is: “How do the Time4Writing classes work?”

The Answer is: It’s Magic!

Well, it seems like it anyway. Really, Time4Writing provides online writing courses thanks to a learning management system or e-learning platform called Moodle. Wikipedia provides a bit of background:

The word Moodle is actually an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, although originally the M stood for “Martin”, named after Martin Dougiamas, the original developer.

Moodle provides a flexible teaching environment that allows integrated grading of many types of activities, including quizzes, writing assignments, peer review forums, and much more. Moodle gives Time4Writing the ability to create customized courses down to the smallest detail, such as a suggested weekly schedule, an activity reports area, and even a dedicated messaging system between teachers and students.

By now, you can probably see why I say “It’s magic!”. Moodle provides Time4Writing teachers an easy to use interface in which to create course materials, while also providing an easy to navigate campus for our writing students.

Explaining Moodle to someone who has never used it, however, is about as helpful as explaining the taste of chocolate to some who has never tasted it. That’s why we’ve created both a video to better explain how Time4Writing works and a demo of what the inside of a course looks like, as well.

Explore how Time4Writing works!