Time4Writing.com twin students Kessel and Kepler Van Velzen both took home honors at the recent 2009 District 29 essay writing contest awarded by the State of New York. Ninth grade student Kessel took home first place and twin brother Kepler placed third in the contest. Their father, Mr. Robin Van Velzen, credits their hard work, creativity and Time4Writing all as factors contributing to these honors and their improved writing skills.

The Van Velzen boys started taking the Time4Writing.com courses, offered by Time4Learning, when they were in middle school at PS 116 located in the Queens, New York school system. Their father was looking for a way to supplement their training to fill in the gaps that he saw in their education when he found Time4Learning.com. Mr. Van Velzen commented, “I noticed in middle school that Kessel had great ideas but wasn’t accomplished at expressing them. I work long hours to support my family, and I couldn’t provide the structure or supervision to address this issue, so I started both of them in the Time4Writing program.” Both boys have completed three 8-week teacher-led courses including Middle School Basic Mechanics, Powerful Paragraphs and Welcome to the Essay.

Kessel and Kepler are now in high school at the Pathways College Preparatory School in Jamaica, New York, also in Queens County. This summer they are attending the Fordham University History Makers Scholars Program.

Mr. Van Velzen stated, “Being involved in a program such as Time4Writing.com does give you some competitive advantage. Even as we speak, I have already paid for the next Time4Writing course.”
In reference to the teachers, Mr. Van Velzen said, “Teacher Leslie is an excellent teacher. Her approach to structural grammar is something that is lacking in our school systems today. She also has a good eye for spotting and encouraging writing talent. She consistently gave higher marks to Kessel and when I read both of their assignments I could not understand why. Now I see that Kessler is a very creative writer and Teacher Leslie spotted this exceptional talent, just as the essay judges confirmed.”

John Edelson, Founder and President of Time4Learning, the company that created and provides Time4Writing.com added, “Stories such as the Van Velzen twins show the power of technology. I’m so proud that Time4Writing is pioneering the ability to match quality teachers with students that can really benefit them.”

Congratulations again to both Kessel and Kepler and thanks for sharing your great news with us and the other Time4Writing members. We look forward to hearing more about your upcoming accomplishments and seeing you in class very soon.

Van Velzen Accolades