Writing Today – The Advanced Essay is unlike any other Time4Writing middle school course.

First of all, Writing Today allows students the chance to write for a variety of media. Not only do they create essays, they experience journalistic writing, they voice their opinions through the editorial, they write for the internet, and they even become junior playwrights.

Secondly, Writing Today gives the students the opportunity to interact with each other under the careful direction of the teacher. At the end of each week, students will share their writing selections with their e-mail buddy. They will be given a page of questions significant to the particular assignment. The students will evaluate each other’s work according to the questions.

Peer evaluation allows students to learn from each other’s writing strengths and weaknesses. At no time are they just going to be asked, “Is this good or bad?”. Also, they will always be required to find something positive about their buddy’s work.

Writing Today is designed for middle school students who have already taken Time4Writing’s Welcome to the Essay. Beginning high school students may also find this course beneficial to their writing experience.

Writing Today is a course that will entice and excite students about writing.